Printing Finishes - Push your Designs from Good to Great
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Printing Finishes - Push your Designs from Good to Great

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Printing is the process of copying the graphic information on the original onto the substrate. As a social media that conveys information, printing is not only an important way for us to acquire knowledge, but also a medium for information diffusion between people. Designers use the various printing techniques to attract public attention and thinking about aesthetics. The book "Baichang Printing Technology - Printing Technology and Graphic Design" contains nearly 150 designer prints, which fully demonstrates the designer's infinite creativity and creative passion in the printing industry. The book introduces the printing process in three parts: printing history introduction, case display by category and printing technology classification, including cutting, printing glazing, embossing, UV, thermal imaging printing, screen printing, bronzing, fluorescent Ink and so on. This book will serve as a reference guide for print design and will be an important source of inspiration for graphic designers and print technology.