SPA Resorts
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SPA Resorts

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Taking Spa as its centre, the architecture design and interior design of a spa resort aims at creating a relaxed, happy and healthy atmosphere for the guests. This book collects 40 spa resorts of Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania, showing the unique design style of different spa resorts through detailed words and beautiful photos. These spa resorts included in this book are of different types and styles. There are tropical seaside resorts and scenic mountain resorts; modern luxury resorts and European classic resorts; spectacular large resorts and exquisite small resorts, all of which show the unique charm and design of spa resorts. With spa as its lightspot, each project is exhibited comprehensively and logically from its surroundings, landscapes, to the hotel architectures and interior designs. This book, which has great reference value, will bring inspiration to the relevant interior designers and architects.