Video Marketing Like a PRO: A Practical Guide to Creating and Publishing Videos That Convert
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Video Marketing Like a PRO: A Practical Guide to Creating and Publishing Videos That Convert

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• Answers all questions about how to self-produce videos, from the initial plan to the expected return • Written in an accessible style without marketing buzzwords • Shows how to achieve maximum impact with a minimum budget Trend reports have consistently highlighted the increasing popularity of web videos. More and more people access videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, and participate in livestream events on Facebook and Twitch. When the world suddenly changed in March 2020, video went from nice-to-have to an essential tool for every company. Video Marketing like a PRO is a hands-on guide for anyone who wants to reach the growing online audience with their content — even if you have no experience in audiovisual production and a limited budget. This accessibly written handbook shows how to self-produce videos that build connection with customers and reach new ones. "Strong brands build a personal connection with consumers. Video offers yet another great opportunity to connect emotionally. With technological progress, good quality video can now be consumed on more devices — and it is exploding. Many advertisers are discovering how to use video effectively across devices and platforms. With this handbook, they can now finally brief their agencies efficiently — or maybe even produce video in-house." - Luc Suykens | CEO and Vice-Chairman at United Brands Association (UBA) Belgium. "Consumer reports have been predicting the online video boom for years, but now it’s undeniable: everybody loves watching videos online. Smartphone cameras are getting better, editing software is getting more user-friendly, and social media platforms are hungry for native video. This handbook has arrived just in time for anyone who wants to make professional looking web videos on a shoestring budget. Looking forward to the rest of Clo’s like a PRO series!" - Steven Van Belleghem | International keynote speaker, entrepreneur and author of The Offer You Can’t Refuse.