Yummy! Restaurant and Bar Design

Yummy! Restaurant and Bar Design



Good packaging design seduces, it tells and sells. We know what it takes to convince consumers. The book tries to offer thorough analysis, experience, initiative, creativity and a full measure of perseverance to help brands develop, and become and remain successful. In and outside the packaging world. Karim Rashid, 5.5 Designstudio, Patrick Veillet, Steve Simpson, Victor Branding Design Crop., Aekyung Design Center, Aizawa Office, Aizawa Office, Brandiziac Branding Agency, Dapy, Established, Geometry Global and other outstanding design agencies and designers from over 20 countries around the world, together with 101 pieces of packaging works, divided in 4 chapters: Household, Food, Drink and Miscellaneous, will lead the readers to the charming world of the structural packaging.



A great restaurants or bar should not only focus on culinary tastes, but features a unique interior design with multi-purpose. It could be converted from a deserted cinema or an abandoned factory; it can show the local customs and culture of a specific country; it can even do self-explication beyond styles and materials. The book has collected a wide variety of restaurants and bars whose commonalities may not be easily grasped, but such an uncontrollable subtlety is exactly what makes each case unique and attractive.


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